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New Accessories

Coming This Autumn


New 360 Tripod. Special Edition Berlebach wooden tripod. Rigid yet lightweight. Exceptional vibration damping performance.


New 360 Edition Wedge. All the features of the original TW3100 with improved latitude range overlap, black anodise and stainless steel knobs. 

(If you selected ‘yes’ to include a TW3100 Wedge with your AstroTrac 360 Reservation you’ll automatically receive the New 360 Edition Wedge).


New Wedge Quick Release Kit. Now you can release your AstroTrac 360 in seconds. Includes a 360 Omni-Clamp and 360 Wedge Dovetail Plate with security stops. Compatible with TW3100 Wedge.


New TT320 Series Polar Scope Upgrade Kit. Upgrade your TT320 series tracker with the completely re-engineered 360 Polar Scope. Includes plated steel adaptor, illuminator and collar.

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