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November Update

We’re making great progress with AstroTrac 360 and thought you might appreciate some photos of AstroTrac 360 carrying cameras, lenses and telescopes in a variety of configurations.

If you’ve already placed your AstroTrac 360 reservation, we’ll be in contact with you again soon to request the balance of payment prior to production of your unit. If you haven’t placed your reservation yet, we recommend reserving your place in the queue as soon as possible.


The AstroTrac 360 easily handles small to medium scopes with just the middle counterweight. Balance bigger loads with the two additional outer counterweights.


If you're working at shorter focal lengths and don't want to carry counterweights, there's plenty of clearance for a Canon 400 mm F/5.6L lens and 7D or similar.

In Tracker configuration, there's plenty of rigidity and unguided tracking accuracy for a Canon 400 mm F/5.6L or similar lens.

Our highest priority is to deliver quality product to you - thank you for your patience.

The AstroTrac team.

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