AstroTrac 360 Firmware v2.0

  • Adds support for TheSkyX AstroTrac 360 X2 plugin which can be downloaded from

  • Install the TheSkyX Professional or Imaging Edition

    • Professional Edition for basic telescope slew.

    • For imaging or plate solving you'll need the camera addon.

    • To build a pointing model you'll need the TPoint addon.

    • The above addons come bundled with the Imaging Edition.

    • There's also a multi-OS add on.

    • There are very active support forums for TheSkyX (requires login). We encourage AstroTrac 360 users to join the forum and ask questions  about TheSkyX there.

  • Installing and Running the AstroTrac360 X2 Plugin.pdf

  • To install the firmware update, unzip and extract the .bin file then see the AstroTrac 360 Quick Start Guide for firmware update instructions.